An indigenous journalist based in Vancouver looking to break barriers in the sports world with hard work and determination.
Markus Poelzer
About me

About me

Hello my name is Markus Poelzer, I am 18-year-old indigenous journalist currently attending the BCIT Broadcast Online Journalist program. Being born in Vancouver, spent most of my childhood in Surrey, and moved back to Vancouver when I was 11 years old.

I have always loved to play sports, specifically hockey and football. As I got older, I started to watch more and more hockey. I eventually started to follow the league as a whole trying to learn everything I could about the game. I also love watching basketball, football and baseball and would love to report on those sports as well. I wasn’t always sure what I wanted to do for a career, but during high school, I began to follow sports journalists on twitter. Eventually I realized this is something I would love to do myself. I am interested to be a sports reporter talking to the player and telling their stories. Like telling stories that are not told often, the behind the scenes, the stuff that doesn’t go out to the media. Building a connection with players is also a goal of mine. I want to be a positive voice in sports media.

While at first, I just wanted to be a sports journalist, my education at BCIT has opened my eyes to the many different opportunities in the journalism industry. Editing has caught my interest and made me consider if this is something I want to do. Being a voice in radio has also peaked my interest as I have enjoyed the radio class.

I am a hard-working person who can follow instructions and apply feedback quickly. I take a lot of pride being indigenous and it motivates me every day. I want to make my family and friends proud. I am resilient and work hard to overcome the obstacle I face. A perfect example of this is my desire to become a better public speaker. I have dealt with a stutter my entire life, but that’s not going to stop me from becoming a journalist. I have drive and compete to become a successful indigenous journalist in this industry.

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